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  • Is there a beginner or advanced class?
    At Colors of the Heart Studio, we teach to the level of each student. Our classes are filled with beginners to advanced students, making the experience richer.
  • How old do you have to be to take class?
    We start with children who are 7 years old. I do teach adults as well.
  • What supplies do I need to buy
    You can pre-order a box of pastels for $25. The box typically lasts 1 year. You can purchase your own, but please NO OIL PASTELS. We will provide all other supplies.
  • What will my student learn each session?
    Each student will be taught: Composition- Principles of placement, direction and movement Value- Understanding lights, darks, depth and movement of each. Color Theory- Making creative color choices based on color wheel principles. Technique-Strokes and Techniques specific to pastels. Development of Focal Point. How to critique art and be critiqued as an artist. Each student works independently on their own painting and will typically complete one 16x20 painting per session.
  • Do I need a new box of pastels every session?
    No, typically a new set lasts a year or 4 pictures. We have a box of "lost pastels" that people can use if they lose or run out of a certain color.
  • My child missed class, Can we make up?"
    Yes, 1 free makeup class per regular session. Additional classes are $18 each. There are no make up classes during the Summer Session.
  • I have multiple children, is there a sibling discount?"
    Yes, siblings receive a $15 discount on 8 week sessions. There is no discount for summer sessions.
  • Where do I park or drop off my child?
    Enter the 2nd Driveway (not by the mailbox) and pull all the way around to the straight driveway. Do not block the straight driveway or leave your car in the circle driveway. If you would like to come into the studio, please pull all the way up the straight driveway as far as you can and enter the designated studio side door. PLEASE do NOT park anywhere across the street! For Pick-up Students will be waiting on the front porch of the circle driveway.
  • How do I pay?
    You pay online or make checks payable to Betsy Miller or Colors of the Heart Studio. We also accept cash.
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